Aussie YouTube Remix Artist Pogo Banned From United States

By Megan O'Neill 

Nick Bertke, aka YouTube remix artist Pogo, has been banned from the United States for ten years and has reached out to fans on YouTube for help and advice.

The popular YouTuber, known for his awesome remixed movie music videos including Disney Remixes Alice, Wishery and Upular, was touring the United States when he and the other musicians on the tour accidentally passed the Canadian border.  When they returned to the United States, only a few minutes later, border patrol took a look at his visa  waiver and determined that it was not sufficient documentation, as Bertke was actually making money on the tour and it was not a work visa.  He was taken into custody, spent three weeks in jail and was ultimately deported with a ten year ban from the United States.

Earlier today, Bertke posted the following video to his YouTube channel, explaining the situation and asking for help and advice.  He writes the following in the video description:

“The Department Of Homeland Security has banned me from entering the USA for a period of 10 years.  I was on my second tour playing live across North America, and as the agency managing my tour never even mentioned visas, I proceeded with the same Visa Waiver I had used for my previous trips to the USA.  The moment they heard of my arrest, the agency removed me from their client list and refused to communicate.  I’ve made this video to give everyone the full story.  If you have any advice or know someone who could help me out of this situation, please get in touch.”

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