Facebook Launches PMD Center Portal For Its Preferred Marketing Developers

By David Cohen 

Facebook introduced a one-stop shop for its Preferred Marketing Developers, the PMD Center, which allows marketers to sort through the social network’s more than 260 PMDs from more than 35 countries to find the best fits for their needs.

The PMD Center offers detailed profile pages for Facebook PMDs, with information including case studies, white papers, and details about local offices. Other features include:

Facebook said in a post on its developer blog announcing the launch of the PMD Center:

Since launching last April, the Preferred Marketing Developer program has brought developers to the right clients and made it possible for any brand or company to build comprehensive Facebook campaigns and presences. The program is a growing ecosystem — with more than 260 members in over 35 countries — of best-in-class developers that make social marketing easier and more effective.

Today, we’re launching a new PMD Center so marketers can more easily find the companies they need to build enterprise tools and applications — all in one place.

Built by a PMD, Gamaroff Digital, the PMD Center is itself an app that replaces the original PMD directory launched with the PMD program earlier this year.

We hope the new PMD Center makes it even easier for marketers to get started doing business with PMDs.

Readers: Will the PMD Center be a useful addition?