Pinterest Analytics Startup PinPuff Acquired by Science

By Devon Glenn 

Poking around Pinterest well ahead of competing sites like Klout and Kred has paid off for the entrepreneur in India who came up with an influence measuring system just for Pinterest. Launched in private beta in February, PinPuff has already been snatched up by startup incubator Science in Los Angeles.

Science CEO Mike Jones (formerly of MySpace) announced on Tuesday that he was buying the site for an undisclosed amount of money. “Now that Pinterest is nearly as ubiquitous as Facebook and Twitter,” wrote Jones in a blog post, “and other platforms like The Fancy and Svpply are rising through the ranks, we can tap into the technology that Pinpuff has built to create a true gauge of reach – one that goes beyond clicks, page views, and static traffic numbers, one that measures the power of influence.”

PinPuff measures your influence on Pinterest using metrics such as likes, follows, comments, and shares.  The system tracks all of your pins and the amount of traffic they generate to come up with not only a score for you, but also a dollar amount for what your pins are worth. Like Klout (as well as Kred, as of Tuesday), PinPuff partners with brands to offer rewards to high-scoring members.

The idea that a person’s influence on social media sites has relevance in the real world is still controversial, but with its treasure trove of wish-lists for products and home decorating projects, Pinterest is as good a site as any to try it out. According to Jones, the visual inspiration board is the second highest referral network for sales within Science’s other companies, which include a party venue marketplace called EventUp.

Science already has big plans for all that PinPuff data. Following the sale, the startup will become part of Science’s internal agency, HelloSociety, to “provide additional intelligence and distribution strategy to upcoming Science launches,” wrote Jones. PinPuff founder and CEO Gaurav Sharma will also join the company at its headquarters in Los Angeles.

Image by Leigh Prather via Shutterstock.