Pin It to Win It: Curalate and ePrize Partner on Pinterest Promotion Services

By Devon Glenn 

Curalate and ePrize have announced a strategic partnership to improve the process of running sweepstakes and contests on the image bookmarking site Pinterest.

Curalate is among the first marketing and analytics services to focus on image-based sites including Pinterest and Instagram. ePrize works with brands such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, The Gap, MillerCoors, Lenovo, NHL, Yahoo!, P&G and AT&T to improve digital engagement for social, mobile and web campaigns.

Curalate CEO and co-founder Apu Gupta told SocialTimes:

“This really is a combination of two complimentary skills to bring the market a comprehensive Pinterest solution. As the largest online promotions company, ePrize was searching for a Pinterest promotions solution and discovered Curalate in the process of some promotions we ran. Curalate, on the other hand, has no capacity to do legal or prize fulfillment, both of which are ePrize’s core solutions. Together, Curalate brings the technology and ePrize brings the ability to handle the legal aspects and prize fulfillment components of running promotions. This makes this the only comprehensive Pinterest promotions solutions and makes it even easier for enterprises to connect with consumers over Pinterest.”

The company competes with Piquora (formerly Pinfluencer), which also facilitates Pinterest promotions and sweepstakes for its clients. Pinterest, which has only recently opened the community for businesses to set up official pages and track analytics, has yet to unveil its own marketing solutions.

Image by Ilin Sergey.