‘Photovine’ is Google’s Latest Trademark for Photo Sharing?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Recent reports seem to indicate that Google is aiming to launch a new photo sharing platform called “Photovine”. The reports surfaced from The San Francisco Chronicle that Google secured the trademark “Photovine”.

The clever move is predicted to be a small part of a wider strategy to offset the positive growth of the expanding territory belonging to Facebook. I am sure that Google wants to maintain a strong connection with people who use social networking as much as searching the internet.

You might be familiar with Google’s recent addition” the “+1” button, which is similar to Twitter’s “follow” and Facebook’s “like” buttons. With Google’s new button users can vote individually as a personalized liking to a particular website. As a result, future searches will reflect on the use of “+1” button.

Now, Google is taking on the photo album aspect of the internet, which distinguishes Facebook from the other social networking platforms. Google’s “Photovine” is a direct challenge on the dominance owned by Facebook. It will be interesting to see how the situation pans out.

Another possibility, especially with the name “Photovine”, is a connection with Google user’s tag and share photos. The image search feature, which was introduced early last week, allows users to enter images, instead of text. They can then search for photos or images, locating similar images from around the internet.

If you are aware of Google’s features, you may wonder what is going to happen to the remains of “Picasa”, Google current photo sharing platform. When Photovine finally hits the internet to take over the market, “Picasa” might simply be brought under “Photovine” and rebranded, but I doubt it will be abandoned.

All in all, I wonder if Facebook has any plans to counter Google’s wider strategy to dominate the internet.