Facebook Tests Photo Sync On IOS Devices

By Justin Lafferty 

In September, Facebook tested Photo Sync for Android, allowing users the choice of instantly uploading photos to Facebook (but to an album only they can see) when they are taken. TechCrunch reported Monday that the social network is bringing Photo Sync to Apple devices.

This is not an automatic feature, but rather one that users can opt into. Pictures taken through the Facebook application, with Photo Sync enabled, are automatically uploaded to users’ Facebook accounts.

Before, Facebook was only testing this for a select number of Android users, but a tipster revealed to TechCrunch that some Apple users are seeing Photo Sync, as well.

Photo Sync can be accessed through the photos app in Facebook for iOS or in the photos section of users’ mobile timelines. Users who are being tested can then check out Photo Sync and opt in. Photos are uploaded straight to Facebook, but in albums only the users can see. Users can then select photos to be published to their timelines

Facebook has a handy guide to the feature.

Readers: Do you have this capability on your iPhone?

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Image below courtesy of TechCrunch.