Photo and Video Sharing Site Multiply 5.0 Evolves towards Social Shopping

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Social media platforms tend to evolve by the whims of the owners who decide what is best for their users. We have certainly witnessed that with Facebook, Google as well as YouTube. In Indonesia, a social networking platform for photo and video sharing has evolved into a social shopping site called Multiply 5.0. The platform connects the sellers in a virtual world with willing buyers.

Multiply 5.0’s team posted a letter introducing their platform as a place where you share photos, videos and stories with your friends, but explained how Multiply has evolved into a destination for social spending (social shopping) that connects the sellers in a virtual world with fans interested in virtual goods.

The photo-sharing social network revamped e-commerce platform is evolving and is being tested in Indonesia. The beta version of Multiply 5.0 is initially available in Indonesia. The new platform will incorporate an e-commerce catalog store, shopping cart and payment system as a simplified designed for both buyers inventory and order management for sellers. The high-resolution photo upload facility that placed Multiply 5.0 on the Internet will still be part of the new platform.

An official launch date has not been set, but Multiply Indonesia will put the various services and features in the new version to the test in the real world.

The evolution process for Multiply 5.0 has expanded in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is expected to be the second largest office after its main headquarters in Florida, USA. The Indonesia office has 34,000 sellers in the network (adding 2,000 new sellers every month) with 7 million visitors each month.