Pepsi Encourages Fans To Recycle With Bottle Promise Campaign on Facebook

By Azam Khan Comment

PepsiCo recently launched a campaign supporting recycling on Facebook that plays on the psychological principle of commitment. Called ‘Bottle Promise’, the campaign offers a chance to win a reward for making certain achievements by new years. More after the jump.

The shell of the campaign is a Facebook application that’s promoted via Pepsi’s ‘Dream Machine’ fan page. Dream Machine is the opposite of a soda dispensing machine – a recycling contraption that subsumes recycling pledges in exchange for points. Dream Machine is Pepsi’s current campaign to drive awareness of recycling in real life. Users begin by choosing a bottle or can. Next they select one of 6 small and square images and commit to a pledge to recycle. Users can also write a custom pledge and start sharing with friends the ‘dream machine’ after agreeing to contest rules. The terms of condition state that the top 100 participants that earn the greatest numbers of Bottle Promise credits will be deemed winners.

Users can earn bottle credits by getting friends to accept promises that are sent to them. Each unique person that accepts the promise will result in more credits for the initiating user. The end prize is 1,000 Greenopolis points that can be redeemed online at and are equivalent to $100.

The referral mechanic is popular among brands looking to initiate contests and sweepstakes and generally reward a user with an extra entry into a sweepstake for every X amount of friends they get to join the app. This is an acceptable move with Facebook as opposed to granting sweepstakes entries to users simply for ‘liking’ a page.

Socially altruistic campaigns like PepsiCo’s dream machine tend to be popular among denizens of the social web. Naked Juice ran a Facebook campaign last year as well that tapped into the ‘pass a bottle’ concept known as ‘Message in a Bottle’ to increase awareness of juice recipes. We also covered Pet Society’s tie-in with WWF to donate proceeds from virtual items sales to the organization to help real animals.