Facebook Commerce Platform Payvment Brings Lish.com Out Of Beta, Adds Branded Storefronts

By David Cohen 

Social commerce platform Payvment announced Thursday that its Lish.com product discovery destination, which launched in beta in August, is now open to the public, complete with a new feature for its clients on the retail side: branded seller storefronts.

Lish.com features the products from Payvment’s 180,000 or so sellers that generate the most buzz on Facebook and Twitter, in real-time, combined with the simplest of ratings systems: a smiley face, a “meh” face, or a frown. Users can change their reactions to products if, for example, more colors are made available, or prices are changed. One-click payment is available after users input their information once.

Payvment said Lish.com has doubled daily visits when compared with its previous Facebook commerce iteration, and the emoticons are driving three times more engagement than the want and own buttons it tested earlier this year. On the mobile front, Lish.com is generating six times more mobile traffic to Payvment stores than its previous product.

And on the seller side, branded storefronts allow retailers to enjoy an ecommerce presence without having to create their own dot-com storefronts, with features including:

  • A simple URL format, with all sellers’ stores having their names followed by lish.com (storename.lish.com), and the ability to personalize those URLs.
  • The smiley face, meh face, frown ratings system described above.
  • One-click purchasing.
  • No transaction fees charged by Payvment, as sellers can use their PayPal accounts to accept orders and collect funds.

Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham said:

Branded storefronts give sellers a well-designed ecommerce presence without the hassle of creating their own dot-com storefront. Our customers can now manage both their ecommerce stores and their Facebook storefronts from their Payvment dashboard — all for free. Sellers asked us for an ecommerce solution that worked across Facebook, Twitter, and mobile devices, and branded seller stores deliver just that solution.