Man Who Claims To Own Half Of Facebook Can’t Find A Lawyer

By Justin Lafferty 

The story of Paul Ceglia, who claims that he owns half of Facebook, will not die. Ceglia was arrested last week on suspicion of mail fraud and wire fraud. He has gone through seven attorneys while fighting Facebook, and the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that Ceglia’s eighth lawyer has walked out.

Ceglia claimed that in 2003, Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg agreed to do some programming work for his business while he was a student at Harvard University. Ceglia said that Zuckerberg gave him a 50 percent stake in Facebook in exchange for $1,000 in start-up money, a claim the company has denied.

Ceglia has launched a civil lawsuit against Facebook, but so far seven lawyers have withdrawn. Today, Ohio-based attorney Dean Boland withdrew from the case, making it eight lawyers hired by Ceglia to bow out. In a court filing, Boland explained why he is walking away from this case:

As this court knows, this case and its pleadings are widely followed in the media. Therefore, the undersigned feels it is important to emphasize in the strongest terms possible, that the reasons underlying this request, provided to the court for its review, have nothing to do with any belief by the undersigned that Plaintiff is engaged in now or has been engaged in during the past, fraud regarding this case. The personal reasons for this request are contained in the in camera communication provided to this court and will be served by regular U.S. mail upon Mr. Ceglia once the mailing address for his current detention location is determined.

Readers: Do you think this will encourage Ceglia to finally give up?