Facebook-Owned Cloud App Platform Parse Tops 100K Apps

By David Cohen 

Cloud application platform Parse has added more apps on its platform since the end of April than it did in its first year of existence, following its acquisition by Facebook in late April.

In early May, Parse introduced Parse Hosting, which combined its four existing offerings — Parse Data, Parse Social, Parse Push, and Cloud — enabling developers to host static content for their apps (such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) alongside Cloud Code, and allowing them to create Web-based apps without the need to manage and scale their own servers.

Parse said in a post on its blog:

We’re really proud to announce today that we’ve had more than 100,000 apps built on the Parse platform, up from 80,000 apps at the end of April. We grew more in the past month than we did in our entire first year of existence!

It’s never been a more exciting time to work on Parse. We recently joined forces with Facebook and have accelerated on all fronts. Our ecosystem is heating up with new entrants and big partnerships, and last month we launched two great additions to our offering: Parse Hosting and Express.js support. Come join us at this exciting time!

Developers: Have you ever used Parse or any similar cloud app platforms?