Facebook Removes Ads From Firm That Promises To Lie For Its Customers

By David Cohen 

Dishonesty appears to be a theme this Friday, but in this case, Facebook nipped the potential for dishonesty in the bud, removing ads from a firm known as Paladin Deception Service following a tip (via tweet) from Jeff Bercovici of Forbes.

Bercovici spotted the ad for Paladin among the ads on the right-hand side of his Facebook homepage and looked into the company further, finding that it is led by “licensed and experienced private investigator” Tim Green, and it promises to “put together almost any fictitious scenario that you require.”

After digging further, Bercovici found that Paladin charges $54 per month to have one of its “agents” receive phone calls in customers’ area codes; pose as friends, bosses, or co-workers; and answer questions as the customers desire them to be answered. Email coverage is also included.

Paladin told Bercovici that its services are legal, but a Facebook spokesperson told him the company’s ads were removed “for a few reasons,” adding that ads can be rejected “if it’s purely misleading and they aren’t offering the service they say they are offering. That seems to be the case here, as well.”

Readers: Was Facebook correct to remove the ads from Paladin Deception Service?

Screenshot courtesy of Jeff Bercovici, Forbes.