PageLever’s Competitive Streams Offers Real-Time Facebook Analytics On The Competition

By Justin Lafferty 

Earlier this month, PageLever launched Now, allowing Facebook page administrators to see statistics about their pages in real-time. But what if you wanted to keep current tabs on the competition? PageLever Tuesday announced Competitive Streams, an add-on to its service that lets marketers see what the competition is doing and which posts are doing well on the other side.

With Competitive Streams, PageLever users can type in the Facebook page addresses of their competitors to see live feeds of their posts.

Marketers can also figure out their competitors’ most successful posts, using Competitive Streams’ Relative Impact Efficiency. To determine this, a PageLever algorithm takes into account engagement markers such as likes, comments, shares, and people talking about this, along with page size and typical engagement. Users can sort their feed through Relative Impact Efficiency so competitors’ most effective posts will be shown at the top.

Brendan Irvine-Broque, PageLever’s director of growth, talked with AllFacebook about how brands can use this information:

There are obviously a lot of competitive analysis products on the market that are looking at historical data on other pages, and that’s interesting, but the thing that we didn’t see people building was something that helps community managers and people managing these Facebook pages on a day-to-day basis stay up and aware of what was going on in real-time. Seeing things a day late, when you talk about Facebook and Twitter, is really too long of a wait. It’s fairly simple, what we’ve built, but it’s lightweight enough so that somebody can just enter in the URL of their competitor’s Facebook page, leave it open in their browser, and monitor what’s going on with their competitors.

Readers: How do you keep track of your competitors?