Facebook Page Lacking Popularity? Here Are Some Reasons Why

By Justin Lafferty 

So you’ve started a Facebook page for your business or cause. But it hasn’t gone viral or really pushed the popularity needle. Why is that? Online marketing blog Marketing Land explains why your page hasn’t been getting many “likes.”

The first reason could be that you’re just not that interesting. If you have a page, make sure people have some sort of reason to keep coming back. Most people on Facebook probably have no idea who you are, as even fans of your page probably only see a fraction of your posts.

Marketing Land also notes that page admins should know their audience and post what they want to read, see or hear. Using Facebook Insights, page administrators can get detailed information about their fans. It would be wise to use it.

Courtney Seiter explains:

When you’re writing, you’ve got to know the reader you’re writing for. The same is true in social media.

Use Facebook Insights to learn key information about your audience, like age group, gender and where they’re from. Once you’re able to develop a picture in your head of your typical fan, keep them in mind with everything you post.

While Marketing Land has several worthwhile points for businesses on Facebook, Mashable has a funny comic showing why your personal page might not be that popular, either.

Readers: How do you successfully use your page to reach out to fans and customers?