Is Facebook Wearing Its Opera Glasses?

By Julie D. Andrews 

Here’s one way for Facebook to address its mobile issues: In what it coining a “juicy rumor,” The Next Web reports that the social network may be examining a smartphone browser software company as a possible acquisition.

Norway-based Opera Software is a desktop, tablet (wait for it), and smartphone browser company with some 750 employees that trades on the Oslo stock exchange, and TNW reports that some 270 million people use its browsers each month. Founded in 1995, the company expects to rake in $50 million in revenue in the second quarter of 2012, according to TNW.

Did we mention that Opera recently purchased two mobile advertising companies, tacking on to its January AdMarvel buy?

Booyah: That is what Hamish McKenzie is saying right now, as he recently imagined what it would like if Facebook were to build its own social mobile browser.

Command your battleships, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla.

An outright acquisition of this sort is definitely something to watch out for. Consider the recent startup shopping spree the social network has been on over the past six months, including Instagram and Glancee, and this rumor is not outside the realm of possibility.

Readers: Could acquiring a smartphone browser software company with obvious mobile-ad know-how help Facebook advance in the mobile wars?