Onehackmind’s Locist App Builds On Connection Between Location, Facebook

By David Cohen 

Several existing applications tie location and Facebook together, with Foursquare representing the most prominent example, but Brooklyn-based Onehackmind hopes its public launch of Locist Monday on the iTunes App Store and Google Play takes the combination to the next level.

Onehackmind described Locist as “a real-time, location-based content-sharing and discovery platform that enables groups of people in close proximity to share information about their location,” and the developer said the app does more than enable users to discover events such as parties, concerts, classes, or meet-ups.

According to Onehackmind, Locist users can create, share, comment on, and spread (or echo) their own blasts — messages, events, and photos — for everyone in their geographic area, or radius, and the developer added that Locist pins these blasts to the locations where they are created and makes them available in real-time for a limited time period.

Locist users can cross-post blasts on Facebook, as well as automatically create public event pages on the social network for event blasts they have created, and Onehackmind added that RSVPs and comments made via the app will also be displayed on those Facebook event pages.

Onehackmind Co-Founder and CEO Pablo Schuhmacher said:

We want to empower creative people everywhere with a new way to promote their own events to people nearby — not just to their friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. This is what makes Locist different from other mobile location-based social or event-oriented apps. Imagine you’re a band trying to get off the ground in New York City and you’re trying to get your music to new ears, so you’re playing shows at bars or small venues. How do you tell the people in the five blocks around that venue that you’re playing that night? You can’t, really. But with Locist, you can do exactly that. Think of it as a Twitter meets Tumblr for locations.

Readers: Will you download Locist for your iOS or Android devices?