Facebook Bug Sends Fake Offers From Pages

By David Cohen 

Sister blog Inside Facebook has the details on a Facebook bug that has been affecting its offers feature for pages.

According to Inside Facebook, the bug has caused two issues pages sending offers that resulted in blank coupons for users trying to claim them, or page administrators not being able to post offers to their pages at all.

Facebook told Inside Facebook it deleted the fake offers and sent emails to users who tried to redeem them, but the businesses behind pages that were affected are still dealing with the fallout.

Logan Ayliffe, who manages social media for French Broad Chocolates, posted on a thread in Facebook’s help center, as reported by Inside Facebook:

I’ve spent the better part of two years building trust with my audience, never with the hard sell, always with the non-marketing-sounding culture building, always with the giveaways. And in one shitty bug, Facebook ate a chunk of that trust.

Readers: Have you been a victim of this bug, either as a page administrator having difficulty posting or dealing with fake offers, or as a user who tried to claim an offer that didn’t exist?

Bug icon image courtesy of Shutterstock Screen grab courtesy of Inside Facebook.