What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Offerpop

By Neil Glassman Comment

Offerpop is a Web-based social marketing platform which helps brands recruit, engage and convert customers on Twitter and Facebook. Scalable to serve organizations getting started with social marketing, as well as agencies and their multi-channel marketing programs, Offerpop includes a campaign builder, instant landing pages and built-in reports along with a growing number of social marketing apps.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Offerpop allows companies to create professional, brand-friendly social marketing campaigns quickly; socially-enable their email marketing campaigns, Web site or Advertising programs; and track all results in real time.

Coolest feature

Everything is template-driven. Users fill in a few fields, upload artwork and preview what the campaign will look like before going live.

Feature rundown

  • Campaign builder – Customize campaign parameters and creative; schedule or start campaign.
  • Landing pages – Where customers and friends interact with the campaign. Offerpop automatically generates branded landing pages for Twitter, Facebook tabs and site widgets to drive user participation.
  • Real-time reports – Track the performance of campaigns with key metrics like reach, virality, clicks, retweets, and the most influential participants.
  • Fun, engaging apps for retailers and brands – Examples are Offer, to create open time-based promotions such as contest and giveaways, and Viral, which enables social promotions and coupons that spread through word of mouth and reach new customers.

User profile

The ideal Offerpop customer is an Internet or multi-channel retailer, such as Kobo, PokerStars and The Body Shop, looking to add fans and followers, build brand engagement and grow sales using Twitter and Facebook. They are often doing email marketing and online ad buys and looking to boost campaign performance by adding a social component. And they generally like to experiment and run frequent campaigns and create programs that look good and are brand friendly.

User review

“We have been using the Offerpop application to create viral promotions on Twitter and provide exclusive offers to our Facebook fans. It’s easy, intuitive and doesn’t overpower the promotions that we are running. We are very pleased with how we’ve been able to use it. The results so far have been very positive. We have been able to generate a lot of buzz around the City Sports brand through retweets, which has also lead to a spike in our new followers.” – Ben Eld, Digital Marketing Coordinator, CITY SPORTS

Recent news

Offerpop has recently announced the availability of Offerpop for Facebook, which is in private beta with about 20 companies. It includes the Exclusive app for sharing private sales or special discounts with fans in a tab on Facebook Pages, and a new app, Tug-of-War, which engages users in fun, participatory polls.


Offerpop is priced as an “all you can eat” subscription, based on the number of followers or fans for unlimited use of all the apps in the platform and unlimited campaigns. For example, for 500 or less followers, the price is $75/month on an annual plan, and for 5,000 or less the price is $250/month. Offerpop also offers special pricing for agencies and other partners.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Offerpop helps organizations quickly get started with social media marketing, and as their presence grows, our fun and engaging apps, tools and know-how help them streamline the design, roll out and management of multi-channel social programs on Twitter and Facebook. The apps are designed to tie into existing email marketing, online ad buys and the corporate Web site, and can deliver offers in a variety of formats, including links, multi- or single-use codes, mobile coupons and printable coupons.”

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