Facebook No Longer Reports Instagram User Data

By David Cohen 

It appears that Facebook decided on a way to avoid negative stories about Instagram user data, such as a report late last month by the New York Post about the photo-sharing application’s sinking numbers: Now, Instagram user data are not available at all.

Sister site AppData reported 45.8 million monthly active users for Instagram Monday, but that was the last day for which data were available, and the Instagram page on AppData now contains the following message:

Facebook no longer reports new data for this application.

Negative press aside, Facebook does not report user data for other applications it owns, and the social network confirmed to TechCrunch:

We don’t provide app usage metrics for apps owned or created by Facebook through our application-programming interface. We’ve updated our API to reflect this for Instagram, which would remove it from AppData’s rankings.

Earlier this week, we also reported that Instagram users who opt to report profiles are being directed to a Facebook-hosted page.

Readers: Do you think Facebook’s move to cease reporting Instagram data was a response to negative reports in late December, simple housecleaning, or a combination?