Facebook Adding Posts To News Feed Where Pages Have Tagged Other Pages

By David Cohen 

BleacherReportDwightHoward650Facebook’s latest attempt at serving its users with relevant content in their News Feeds involves posts where pages have tagged other pages.

Product Manager Andrew Song detailed the new initiative in a Newsroom post, using a post from Bleacher Report about Houston Rockets Center Dwight Howard as an example, and saying that the post may appear in the News Feeds of users who follow or like Bleacher Report, Howard, or both.

Song added in the Newsroom post:

This already happens with updates from friends — if a friend tags me in a photo, my friends may see this photo in their News Feed even if they’re not friends with the person who tagged me. When we tested adding this feature for pages, we found that people liked seeing this type of content in their News Feeds and gave these stories high scores in surveys.

We look at many factors to make sure the most relevant stories appear in News Feed, including which posts are getting the most engagement (such as likes, comments, shares, and clicks) across all of Facebook. We also consider which posts are getting the most engagement from people who like both the page that posted and the page that was tagged.

For example, if many people who like Dwight Howard also like Bleacher Report, it suggests that these two pages are connected. If we see that people who like both Bleacher Report and Dwight Howard are liking the post above, that’s an indication that it may be relevant for people who only like Dwight Howard.

This means some page posts that tag other pages may be seen by new people.

Readers: Have any examples of this made their way into your News Feeds?