New Year, New Love: Two Weird Ways to Find Love Online

By Katie Kindelan Comment

A few days into the New Year and you still have “find a soulmate” on your list of resolutions, right behind “learn Chinese” and “go to the gym”? But what to do if you’re the guy who’s dated everyone your mom set you up with on JDate, and won’t go near Match? Or the girl who hates bars and the club scene? Or maybe the guy, or girl, who cares only about looks? Well, happy New Year to you, read on for some, well, interesting alternatives…

Forget the age-old lessons that beauty is only skin deep, or that it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Those lessons are evidently not part of the training at Microsoft, where developers have patented an online-dating tool that would allow you to find mates based solely on looks. The technology will let you upload and tweak a photo, highlight attractive features in your ideal mate’s face and find other online daters who feel the same about you. Left for you to decide is whether that’s really the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you’re a little less, um, superficial, but still don’t think you’ll ever find your mate by dancing the night away or entering a beer pong tournament, how about finding love through your salad? That is just what is offered by, a new online dating site from the Just Salad restaurant chain that partners you with a potential mate based on your salad order. Users who register and upload a picture are quizzed on everything from favorite salad dressings and toppings, to whether they use reusable bowls and bags and whether they’re eat-in, takeout or delivery types, and then introduced to their top five “salad soul mates.” They can then review profiles and send a message to “meet up” at one of the chain’s New York City or Hong Kong locations. More than 1,000 fans have registered since the service launched in July, and about 100 couples have set up dates, according to the chain’s partners.

Who says the Internet doesn’t offer something for everyone?