New Wave Customer Support: Threadless Design Store Uses Their Facebook Page

By Ellie Cachette Comment

Today, extended customer support to engage with its Facebook fans and allow for rapid resolution of support issues by clicking on a Support Tab from the Threadless Facebook Page. Fans and Customers can now search a knowledgebase of frequently encountered issues and resolve support issues quickly and independently as well as post comments on the Facebook Page and receive an individualized responses quickly.

Threadless is a community-based online store where you can create, print and buys designs of clothing and has over 180,000 Facebook fans so pairing up to offer open Customer Support on Facebook is a big move and one that is being seen by other retailers as a proactive trend to managing online presence. Known globally for crowdsourcing and focusing its business on helping customers build social art and design communities that make the creative and fashion design experience more collaborative, Threadless chose Parature as their Facebook customer interaction partner. Parature, who earlier this year launched its ‘customer service tab’ is a leader of support for big name brands. Companies can monitor Facebook Wall conversations, posts and comments in real time and respond or report on social interactions in a timely manner.

What is interesting is how companies are viewing Facebook as another medium for commerce. It used to be “check out our website,” now the emphasis in on Facebook pages almost as much as standalone sites. Even more interesting is with new Facebook based browsers popping up, like Rockmelt, internet surfers may never need to leave their network or log out of Facebook. While not complete and with some kinks, Facebook also announced this week its new messaging plans to create a social inbox taking email up another level. Wide web search may be phasing out and companies are putting their hats in the Facebook marketing ring.

If search and shopping can be done within Facebook, would you even need to “Google” something?