New Service Lets Friends and Family Advise Your Online Shopping Choices

By Kenna McHugh Comment

WingTipIt officially launched its new site last week in beta, so the founders are still working out the kinks, and the official launch is imminent. You may wonder what is so different about this site compared to other social shopping sites. The New York-based company operates on the premise of bringing groups of friends and family together to share their likes and dislikes in fashion through an innovative shopping community. Users can create their own personalized digital closet, as wish lists, while collecting opinions and ideas from those closest to them. The complete shopping experience culminates as a final purchase through online retailers.

The site is truly a social experience for those who truly love to shop. Customers connect with retailers in a sociable manner that attempts a simulation of an in-store shopping encounter that one would have with their friends and family.

WingTipIt’s site literally rolls product on an easy-to-use platform, offering the sensation of going through sales racks. Online shoppers sift through the web’s endless product selections with the idea of creating a smoother, less stressful online shopping experience. Eventually, each shopper develops a collection of products know as a wish list. Developing the wish list consist of dragging a Wingtip icon to your Bookmarks Toolbar, click and then your WingTip is whisked off to your closet. A wish list is formed where your family or friends can advise on your choices.

The shopping site also maintains games and rewards, including badges and statuses that identify homemade fashion gurus with the idea to keep you shopping.

Two college friends, Carla Holtze and Kimberly Karpf Skelton, developed the idea based on the assumption they thought it would be fun, interactive and easy to use, something that was long over-due. The site is not officially up yet but in beta. When WingTipIt officially opens its online doors, I am curious to see how it will fare.