New Product Discovery Service Emerges with $1M in Funding

By Kenna McHugh 

Steven Fruchter and I have been trading emails back and forth discussing his social venture —  So far, Fruchter has been working with his partner Jake Gold to generate funding and they have succeeded in raising $1 million in seed funding from undisclosed angel investors. Now, Fruchter and Gold are ready to take on the social media world with is based on the concept that finding a specific product that best fits your exact needs isn’t always an easy task — particularly on the Internet. The company is a product discovery service, aiming to make life for potential buyers easier by crowd-sourcing product recommendations from members of its online community. In the beginning, will center on a Q&A format, like Quora with a variation in direction.

The platform will reduce the guesswork for users who shop online. They often spend hours searching and reading review after review on Amazon or other similar sites, trying to determine which product is best for their desired needs or requirements.

“This is one of the really big problems that all people face and it’s about time someone solved it. We’re determined to do that,” Fruchter told me in his last email.

To cut down the search time and reading review time, allows users to post a product question with specific needs and requirements, such as “What is the best electric toothbrush for sensitive gums under $100?,” and receive a crowd-sourced answer based on the community’s product suggestions and votes. has some competition already such as Findbest, Bestcovery and Top10. The startup will start raising its Series A in the next couple of months. It will be interesting to see how Fruchter and Gold do in the long run.