New Facebook Country Metrics Expose Pages That Purchased Likes

By Justin Lafferty 

In an effort to get a leg up on Facebook marketing, many like-obsessed pages resort to buying fans — fake profiles which only exist to boost pages’ numbers. Now that Facebook has broken down fans by country, VentureBeat notes that it’s easier to see which pages have acquired fans honestly, and which ones flat-out paid for them.

Using sorted country data from Socialbakers, VentureBeat noted how it’s easier to see which companies should have asterisks next to their like totals.

For instance, Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab told VentureBeat his company examined airlines. It found that Lufthansa has 1.2 million fans, many of which hail from Indonesia, Bali, Jakarta, and Pakistan — all countries where Lufthansa does not fly. While this isn’t rock-solid proof that Lufthansa paid for these fans, it raises several questions about why the fan count is so high in countries where the company doesn’t have a presence.

Facebook has been relentlessly trying to snuff out fake accounts, the efforts of which have led to fan counts for several pages to decline sharply.

However, VentureBeat noted that just because a page has a large contingent of fans from another country, it doesn’t mean that the page bought all of those likes. Only 47 percent of President Barack Obama’s fans are from the U.S., but his internationally renowned status accounts for some of that.

Readers: Do you know any pages that have paid for likes?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.