New BringIt Service Allows Existing Social Games To Integrate Tournaments, Challenges

By Azam Khan Comment

San Francisco based BringIt recently announced a partnership with RockYou and other major social game publishers to bring challenges and tournaments into existing games via themed mini-games. More after the jump.

BringIt’s unique proposition is that developers can offer players new functionality such as competitions and tournaments within their current games through a plug and play platform. Although the details of the platform are unknown, it is no surprise publishers are looking to experiment with innovative ways to engage their users. We do know that the platform is language and technology independent and communicates directly with any front-end client including mobile and web. We’re guessing it doesn’t take longer than a few hours to integrate it.

Rock You! incorporated BringIt’s platform in their flagship title ‘Zoo World’. Termed ‘Zoo Blast’, the mini game has increased the user session time by six minutes and is delivering eCPM’s in excess of $120 from users who engage with the mini-game, according to the release. The game is a match 3 type of game and showcases a leaderboard to encourage users to try to out compete their friends.

“BringIt increases the velocity of virtual currency spend, as well as monetization and engagement inside social games by putting a game within a game,” said Woodrow Levin, BringIt’s Founder & CEO. “By adding BringIt functionality to a popular game – integration only takes a few hours – social game publishers increase their circle of spenders, increase engagement time, and drive greater revenue.”

BringIt is working with other social gaming publishers and actually provides a host of other services including client web app, database and front end handling. In addition to challenges and tournaments, publishers can use BringIt’s platform to add social leader boards as well as virtual currency collection and payouts. We’ve seen similar services in the past that let users pool in to join tournaments like PayOutHub but BringIt’s approach to integration is unique.

BringIt also recently raised $1.5M in financing, making their grand total to $2.8M in assistance.