Nanigans Launches ROI-Based Facebook Mobile Ad Platform

By Justin Lafferty 

Nanigans announced Thursday that it has the solution for brands seeking return on investment on their Facebook mobile ad campaigns. Its new platform allows mobile application developers to acquire profitable customers at scale in a fast and cost-efficient manner, while leveraging real-time analytics, predictive algorithms, automated bidding, and ad management.

So far,, TinyCo, and Wooga have used Nanigans’ new mobile platform successfully. Nanigans noted that in one case, for a company that wanted to acquire customers who spent money within its mobile game, its new service delivered a 78 percent ROI in seven days, compared with 49 percent on other mobile ad networks. The game developer used mobile install ads within Facebook targeted at women over the age of 20. Over the lifetime of the campaign, Nanigans generated an ROI of 91.9 percent.

Nanigans Co-Founder and CEO Ric Calvillo described his company’s newest offering in a press release:

In a world where companies often overspend to drive mobile app installs without insight into the quality of those installs, we’re excited to provide the first Facebook mobile advertising solution that optimizes for true lifetime return on ad spend. We built this alongside our customers, who represent some of the world’s largest app developers and leading performance marketers, and are excited to offer the solution more broadly.

This new platform is an extension of Nanigans’ Ad Engine capabilities from desktop to mobile. It focuses on the lifetime return generated by audience rather than just the cost to acquire them or the immediate revenue they bring in. Nanigans will identify an app’s most profitable customers and find ways to discover more of them.