Study: Click-Through Rates 2.25 Times Higher On Facebook Ads With Open Graph Actions

By David Cohen 

Brands that incorporate open graph actions into their Facebook campaigns are seeing click-through rates up to 2.25 times higher than those opting to not use the feature, according to the latest research from Facebook advertising outfit Nanigans.

Saying that its Ad Engine allows advertisers to track their ad spending on the social network and the resulting purchases and revenue, Nanigans added that action targeting can increase purchase rates by up to 150 percent, according to its latest figures.

The data from Nanigans covers built-in Facebook action verbs such as read, watch, listen, and play, as well as custom examples including want, love, and bought.

Chief Executive Officer Ric Calvillo said:

The ability to target actions introduces a new dimension of intent-based advertising on Facebook. It further assists marketers in finding the right people at the right time, and ultimately helps offer a more relevant advertising experience for Facebook users. We’re excited to help timeline application developers and marketers alike benefit more broadly from user actions shared on Facebook, such as to reach friends of people who have taken actions and to deliver more relevant remarketing campaigns.

Readers: Are you more likely to click through to ads on Facebook that contain open graph actions?