MyState Launches on iOS, Android to Eliminate Phone Tag

By Brandy Shaul Comment

MyState Logo

Communication platform MyState has officially launched on iOS and Android. Created with the goal of eliminating ‘phone tag’ between contacts, the app allows users to see when their contacts are currently on a phone call (or are otherwise unavailable) so they don’t waste time calling when someone is busy.

Once someone downloads MyState, the app will keep track of their status, and will automatically display their availability within the app. Icons will display when a user is currently on a call, is in a different time zone or is without an Internet connection. The app also indicates when a device is being charged or is running low on battery, and whether a user’s device is set to silent/vibrate.


Users can also post their own status messages, and list their availability as ‘free,’ ‘text me’ or ‘busy.’ In terms of privacy, MyState users can prevent specific contacts from viewing their ‘state.’

When someone needs to quickly contact another user, but that user is on a call, users can press the ‘Crunch’ button, which notifies them when their contact is off of the phone, and will also tell the contact someone wants to reach them. In addition, users can tap buttons to send an email or text message to a contact, with these buttons sending users to the appropriate app to send the message.

MyState recently raised $6.5 million in funding from private U.S. investors. MyState will use the funds to develop tools to improve communication between contacts.

In a statement, Zvika Starkman, CMO of MyState, commented:

MyState is really shifting the way people communicate. The phone has evolved so much since its invention, yet the issue of call coordination has remained. We solved the problem of wasting energy and pent up frustration from playing phone tag, and waiting on busy signals. This is just the first step of where MyState could take its users. Imagine the future possibilities, like coordinating a conference call with the tap of the Crunch button the moment all parties are available!

MyState is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.