More Display Ads on Angry Birds for China’s Mobile Users

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Rovio and Madhouse have teamed up to drive the development of mobile marketing in China. Rovio is famous for its wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds, and Madhouse is well known for being the largest mobile advertising network in China. As part of this partnership, Madhouse will enable and deliver ads to Rovio properties across China – including placement of in-application banners and rich media ads.

Madhouse was established in 2006 and has little over 75% of all China’s mobile internet users. The company offers solutions for both the mobile web as well as mobile applications. Angry Birds downloads have reached 300+ million globally. China is currently one of the largest markets for Angry Birds and represents immense potential for continued growth. Rovio Entertainment forecasts Angry Birds downloads in China will reach 100 million by the end of 2011.

China has 900 million mobile users with the second largest market for Angry Birds downloads, just after the United States. “This indicates the huge potential for mobile advertising, which is still to be recognized by brands,” Henri Holm, Senior Vice President, Rovio Entertainment Asia. “By working with Madhouse, we hope to develop products specialized for the China market and further contribute to the growth of the mobile marketing industry in China.”

Oh boy! It means more ads will be displayed while Chinese send Angry Birds across their mobile screens to wipe out the existing pig populations.