Mobile Marketing Commands a Third of Total Digital Spend, and Google Takes the Lion’s Share

By Cameron Scott 

iQoncept /

Mobile marketing is now a $16 billion industry worldwide, of which Google commands more than 55 percent, according to eMarketer’s first ever global profile of the mobile marketing industry released today.

Mobile marketing now accounts for nearly a third of all digital advertising dollars spent globally.

Google earned more than $8.8 billion from mobile advertisers in fiscal 2013. Facebook, in a distant second place, brought in just over $2 billion, up from less than half a billion in 2012. Pandora was the third largest player, followed by YP — the online Yellow Pages — and Twitter.

“After making nearly half a billion dollars worldwide on mobile ads last year, Facebook—which had no mobile revenue in 2011—is expected to increase mobile revenues by more than 333% to just over $2 billion in 2013,” eMarketer said.

Twitter, which is in the midst of a major marketing push, saw a market share of less than 2 percent worldwide. Its share will rise to to 2 percent next year, but in the U.S. it will command a share nearly twice as large at 3.6 percent.

Google’s advertising dominance has recently drawn attention from competition regulators at the FTC. As the company commands more of the mobile marketing business, it continues to command a large portion of the desktop marketing business as well. According to eMarketer, Google will increase revenues faster than the overall market in the coming year, “thanks to continued monetization of YouTube and growing adoption of mobile advertising.”