Mobile Bookmarks To Be Limited To Games That Work With Both Facebook Canvas, Mobile

By David Cohen 

Facebook announced a change in how bookmarks for applications will be displayed, saying in a post on its developer blog that only games that work on both the social network’s canvas and mobile will appear on mobile bookmarks, starting June 5.

More details from the blog post follow:

We introduced app bookmarks in our iOS and Android apps in 2011 to support developers building social mobile apps. Since then, we’ve improved how apps can use Open Graph and launched new growth channels like App Center and mobile app install ads.

Starting June 5, we will only display mobile bookmarks for games that work on both canvas and mobile. We’re seeing more developers building cross-platform social games and want to promote those that can be played seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

This is not a breaking change, as no code changes are necessary, but we wanted to give developers time to consider alternative ways to re-engage users. News Feed remains the top driver of discovery and re-engagement for mobile apps, and we are focused on making this the best experience available across mobile and Web. You can learn about our other mobile channels here.

Readers: How often do you access games and other apps via mobile bookmarks?