Two More Executives Out The Door At Facebook

By David Cohen 

The revolving door continues to spin at Facebook, as Wednesday’s announcement by Director of Platform Partnerships Ethan Beard that he was leaving the company was followed shortly thereafter by similar proclamations from Platform Marketing Director Katie Mitic and Mobile Platform Marketing Manager Jonathan Matus.

For those keeping score, the list of high-level executives who have left the social network following its initial public offering includes, in order of departure:

Mitic and Matus used their Facebook pages to announce their departures, much as Beard did. Following are their respective posts.


After an amazing two years at Facebook, it’s time to start my next entrepreneurial adventure. I am going to miss Facebook tremendously. I’m so grateful to have met, learned from, and worked with the incredible people here — thank you! There will be a little bit of each of you in my mobile startup in Palo Alto 😉


With great humility and excitement, I am announcing that I’ve decided that for me, the time has come to embark on a new road, a new adventure. I’ve decided to leave Facebook to explore new directions and entrepreneurial ideas.

I’ve had the pleasure of shipping some amazingly disruptive products with some of the most brilliant, hard-working people in tech. I’m exceptionally proud of the momentum we’ve built in a little over a year and the value we are delivering to mobile developers every day.

The lessons picked from working with the best of the best here at Facebook and while helping hundreds of startup developers around the world build better mobile and social apps will undoubtedly be the most important tools in my tool belt as I work on my next project.

Thank you to all of the good people at Facebook. You are real friends, and I will forever look back at this time with great pride and appreciation. I have immense appreciation for the Facebook mission and the impact that this organization is delivering every day and will continue delivering in the future.

Saying goodbye is always hard, but there are ways to make it easier. There’s a little website called that can help with that, so don’t be strangers. 😉

Drink can also help, so join me next week on Wednesday in San Francisco to hash out some good war stories and celebrate new beginnings.

Readers: Is Facebook going through a case of brain drain; are its executives taking their IPO windfalls and launching startups of their own; or is this all just coincidence?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.