Microsoft Unveils the Surface PC [Video]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Have you seen Microsoft’s latest PC? Launched yesterday in Hollywood, the new Microsoft “Surface” PC is a tablet and laptop all in one. It is essentially a tablet with a snap on laptop base. It has a built in stand, and looks to provide the experience of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet. It looks like a smart device and adds enough key options to differentiate it from its major competitor – the iPad.

Having being built by Microsoft, this new device will certainly power a whole lot of new social features. Specifically, Microsoft is an investor in Facebook and has purchased Skype and is seemingly days away from a purchase of Yammer. The new Surface PC will be running Windows 8 (or RT, depending on which model you purchase), which features an app store and will also encourage third parties to develop their own applications.

It does seem as if the new device may be popular at the office – the device has USB ports, an easily accessible keyboard and microSD port. We’ll see how the device shapes up, but see the video below for a brief teaser of the device, and head to the Surface website to get more information.