Promoting a Book on Facebook? Michelle Phan Tried One Video per Chapter, and It Worked

By David Cohen 

MichellePhanMakeUp650Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Phan took a unique approach when using Facebook videos to promote her first book, Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success — Online and Off. She uploaded a short video trailer for each of the book’s chapters to her page, and those trailers ended up totaling more than 1.26 million views.

Phan also hosted a special question-and-answer session on her page on the day of the book’s release.

Lauren Schnipper, who works on strategic partnership development, trends and emerging talent at Facebook, said in a post on the Facebook Media blog:

Giving fans as much detail as possible about what they’d find in her book was really important to Phan. She and her team understand that young people spend their money carefully, and being able to see her book previewed chapter-by-chapter gave her fans confidence that purchasing the book would be worthwhile.

We get a lot of questions from partners about how to leverage Facebook to promote new projects — including books, TV shows and movies — in engaging ways. Phan’s video campaign is an excellent example of the kind of creative content that people on Facebook like to consume and share.

Phan added:

I was excited about the opportunity to try Facebook’s new video features because it gave me a better way to engage with my audience. I used 22 videos across my Facebook and Instagram channels to share with the world my latest project. We saw such great reaction that I will be doing plenty more.

Readers: What did you think of Phan’s campaign?