Mexican Judge Under Fire Over Racy Facebook Postings

By Ruth Manuel-Logan Comment

A Mexican judge’s Facebook postings have him in hot water: They’re risque photos of bikini-clad women accompanied by racy commentary.

Emiliano Zapata Sandoval (pictured), an administrative judge in the state of Nayarit, responded on his Facebook profile to those critics who have lambasted him for his colorful postings, according to the Indo Asian News Service:

I appeal to the democratic coexistence of our society. I appeal to the unalienable right that is free expression,” Emiliano Zapata Sandoval, an administrative judge in the state of Nayarit, said Tuesday on his now defunct Facebook account. The good judge also criticized the media and internet describing his situation as a “lynching” that “reeks of fascist intolerance.”

We looked for Sandoval’s profile on Facebook and couldn’t find him, so he probably reduced the visibility of his profile, using the site’s privacy setings, as the controversy escalated.

Reportedly, Sandoval, devoid of any remorse for his undignified actions, went on vacation to Cancun with his girlfriend Nayarit Deputy Attorney General Elia Quintana, who was there to attend a work-related seminar. An admitted Twitter and Facebook aficionado, the judge began surreptitiously taking videos and photos of unassuming women in their bathing attire with his cell phone, as he lounged poolside at his hotel.