Facebook’s Marne Levine Honored At Institute for Education Media And Technology Roundtable

By David Cohen 

Facebook Vice President of Global Public Policy Marne Levine was the honored guest at the Media and Technology Roundtable Thursday at the residence of Elena Poptodorova, Bulgarian ambassador to the U.S., hosted by the Institute for Education.

Among the topics Levine discussed, according to the IFE:

  • Facebook is a mission-driven company, and it strives to make the world more open by giving people the power to connect and share.
  • Levine’s role and how she and her team look at the implications of public policy on Internet services like Facebook, as well as challenges in different countries.
  • Facebook is committed to transparency, accountability, and control, detailing how it can be used to help provide solutions to what was previously accomplished solely through regulation.
  • Public and private partnerships, the promotion of innovation and self-regulation, and how critical is it to have the right legal and regulatory environment to foster entrepreneurship and economic growth.
  • The importance of having a free and open Internet.
  • How Facebook can be used to affect and mobilize people when it comes to energy conservation, organ donation, and disaster relief.

Photo of R. David Edelman (left), director of international cyber-security at the National Security Council, and Levine (right) courtesy of the IFE.