Mark Zuckerberg Moves Into Another Rental House

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has moved into another rental home seven blocks away from his previous accommodations, and closer to the company where he spends 16 hours a day.

The new digs have security cameras around the property, but somehow that didn’t deter neighbors from snapping photos and sending them to Gawker, which posted a dozen of them, including the one reproduced above.

According to the blog, Zuckerberg moved in over the holidays, and has been the talk of the neighborhod ever since. The new place has more space than the prior rental, at 3,800 feet compared to 2,350, and five bedrooms versus four before. Neighbors can see at least three different satelite dishes affixed to the roof.

Gawker uses the word “modest” to describe Zuckerberg’s choice of another rental rather than a purchase, plus the relative size of the home compared to other billionaire. I don’t disagree with that description at all, but think the young CEO may have much of the same kind of reluctance to get tied down that many of us also experienced when we were 26.

And based on Zuckerberg’s work hours, he probably only goes home to sleep, although I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he sleeps less than eight hours a night. That doesn’t seem like he even gives himself awake time at home.

Readers, what do you think Zuckerberg’s housing choice says about his personality? How might that correlate to the way he manages Facebook?