LinkedIn Adds Conversion Tracking

By David Cohen Comment


LinkedIn Thursday introduced conversion tracking for advertisers, eliminating the need for them to turn to third-party services in order to monitor their campaigns on the professional network.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions head of product Russell Glass spoke with Lauren Johnson of SocialTimes parent Adweek, saying that brands on LinkedIn can determine how many users took actions such as purchasing products or signing up for services after viewing ads or sponsored content on the professional network with the addition of tag coding to their websites.

Glass told Johnson brands on LinkedIn will be able to track sales leads, sign-ups, downloads and sales, adding that conversion tracking is available via LinkedIn’s ad management software, as well as via LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partners 4C and AdStage.

LinkedIn tested conversion tracking with some 200 advertisers, finding that their cost per conversion fell by an average of 21 percent during July and August, Glass told Johnson, adding that the professional network is “close to getting 1,000 advertisers on board.” He also offered more details on the motivation behind the feature’s introduction:

(The goal is to) get below the clicks and engagement metrics and beyond to the conversion metrics that are happening on a marketer’s own website.

You can see that, let’s say, the finance industry is converting at a much higher rate than the healthcare industry. You can see that people with marketing job titles are converting at a much higher rate than people with sales (titles).

Readers: What are your thoughts on LinkedIn’s introduction of conversion tracking?