Likester AdCenter Looks Behind Facebook Likes

By Julie D. Andrews 

Pressing the like button is so much fun, and engaging, isn’t it. And marketers are hoping you’ll continue having a click-away ball as new tools emerge on the scene to help leverage the like’s power to help target ads. One such new advertising tool, the Likester AdCenter, was unveiled last week with an aim to identify and analyze the user information behind the Facebook like, Business Insider reported.

Founded by Kevin McCarthy in April 2011, Likester can now better achieve its goal of showing marketers how to dig under the like-button rock.

The platform was built after the company tracked and analyzed some 700 million Facebook likes to gather information about the people who like certain products and brands.

With the platform, users can better understand brands by seeing who likes them on Facebook and piecing together other information, such as geographic location, about those fans.

The company said profiles of likes are “Likester proprietary data that you can’t get anywhere else,” and, according to the site, Likester AdCenter can “increase the ability to target hundreds or thousands of precise interests.”

How it works: Type a brand into the database, and data about the fans that like the brand are generated by the search engine.

You can learn about much about the faces behind the likes, from what they enjoy doing in their leisure time, to where they shop, and what other brands they like.

Readers: How much do you think information such as what is being offered by Likester AdCenter will be worth to marketers?