How To Use Facebook Marketing To Break Through Holiday Clutter

By Justin Lafferty 

Many companies on Facebook will run some kind of holiday campaign or connect with fans through this theme. How can brands stand out? That’s what Likeable Media’s latest white paper aims to answer. Likeable notes that by utilizing the social networks differently, using effective advertising techniques, finding ways to engage the audience, and taking advantage of social commerce channels, brands can rise above the general noise.

Likeable’s newest white paper, “Four Methods for Breaking Through the Social Clutter,” tackles the topic of standing out when everyone else wants to use the same method — holiday sentiment — to engage with fans.

Likeable quotes statistics from a report, noting that nearly 60 percent of retailers anticipate stepping up their Facebook marketing campaigns from last year. The study noted that retailers have invested more money in mobile-optimized websites (54.7 percent) and Facebook pages (52.8 percent).

So what can a brand do to stand out? Likeable recommends four tactics:

  • Multichannel strategies
  • Social advertising
  • Content tactics
  • Social commerce

Instead of running one blanket social campaign, Likeable recommends that brands tailor campaigns to the specialties of each social site. For instance, Facebook is better for conversation, while Pinterest is the place to go to showcase photos of the product.

Likeable also recommends the use of social adversiting, with tools such as contests, logout ads, and custom audience ads:

Taking advantage of social advertising is another great way to stand out and break through the social advertising chaos. Via traditional display Facebook ads that can increase awareness to custom audience Facebook ads that target specific customers using CRM data to Twitter advertising, brands can promote their businesses and engage with customers in unique ways.

Brands should also be mindful of mobile ads, as well as new innovations such as Facebook Gifts, as ways to engage with customers and potential customers.

Although Facebook Gifts is not available to all users or all brands just yet, it can be a very effective tool for companies that have already partnered with Facebook, Likeable notes:

Facebook Gifts uses Facebook’s social graph to solve the biggest annoyance in gift giving: not knowing the address of the recipient. When a user buys a gift for someone, the recipient will receive a notification asking to choose an existing stored address, or add a new one, eliminating any guesswork for the gift giver. Facebook Gifts will be beneficial to users who like giving gifts, but dislike shopping. In addition, this feature will also cater toward those who tend to give last-minute gifts.

To see the full white paper, click here.

Readers: How are you engaging with Facebook fans through the holidays?