Olympic Organizers Rush To Delete Leaked Opening Ceremony Footage From YouTube

By Megan O'Neill 

Today leaked footage of the Olympic opening ceremony was removed from YouTube in an attempt by the organizers to ensure that Friday’s ceremony will be a surprise.  During the rehearsal the show’s artistic director, Danny Boyle, appealed to spectators to “save the surprise” and not to share footage of the rehearsal before the event, but that didn’t stop some spectators from uploading videos of the rehearsal to YouTube.

The Guardian reports that, “Recordings of the ceremony were removed from the website on ‘copyright grounds’, while Twitter users were urged to report any leaked footage of the rehearsals.”  Videos with footage of the rehearsal discovered on YouTube have been replaced with the message, “This video contains content from the International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

The hashtag #savethesurprise, which The Guardian reports was “emblazoned on giant screens inside the Olympic Stadium,” is now trending globally on Twitter as people tweet their thoughts about what Friday’s ceremony will have to offer.

If you don’t care about saving the surprise, you’ll probably still be able to find some footage of the rehearsal on YouTube.  After all, Content ID won’t do any good in this case and trying to find and remove every single uploaded video of the rehearsal could prove to be quite a chore.  The Daily Dot, for instance, managed to find over an hour’s worth by one YouTuber.

If you find footage of the rehearsal, the Olympic Committee asks that you email it to monitoring@olympic.org to help save the surprise.

Image credit: Clenpies Design via shutterstock.com

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