Landlords Put it in Writing: App Creates Custom Leases

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Already available on iPhone and iPad, RentalPro for the Android platform was launched by Esq Apps earlier this week. Reviews from iPhone and iPad users have been very positive and the app creates custom rental agreements within a few minutes.

One review on iTunes said, “…It made renting my house room by room to college kids a walk in the park.”

You write it up on your smartphone while talking it over with your tenant. Streamlining the process for those wanting to rent their room for the summer or for serious landlords, RentalPro handles the final step in the process of renting your property. Once the rental agreement is created on the mobile device, the landlord emails the contract to the prospective tenant.

The process is pretty simple. Users can rapidly fill out names, addresses, and set the most common residential lease terms such as utilities, pets, parking, and of course rent, deposit and late fees. The app converts the answers to a printable rental agreement, ready to be signed or edited. The app even covers critical choices for amateur and first-time landlords such as satellite TV installation, waterbeds, attorney fees, lead paint, smoke detectors, asbestos and stuff I’d never think of putting in writing.

Users can email the final document to themselves and their tenant or send it to DropBox. However, Dropbox is exclusively on Android for the moment, sorry iPad and iPhone users. Owners of multiple units can save different leases within RentalPro to manage their rental agreements repeatedly.

The app is on iTunes for $3.99 and features an introductory sale price of $1.99 on Android Market for a limited time.