Kleek Simplifies Your Facebook Life

By Justin Lafferty 

It seems like Facebook’s privacy settings change almost on a weekly basis. A new iOS application from Germany, Kleek, hopes to make browsing and posting to Facebook from mobile phones a simpler experience. Kleek allows users to essentially create their own algorithms, filtering a news feed to see the friends and pages they want to see and giving users control over who sees what they post.

The motivation behind Kleek (which was also featured on the German AllFacebook site) was to give Facebook users an easy way to have full control over what they post and see. Through Kleek, users can filter their news feed seven ways: all content, text-only, pictures, media, links, check-ins, and events from closest friends. The close friends list (Kleeksters) corresponds to the similar list on Facebook. With one tap, users can also block posts from third-party apps if they don’t care about what games their friends are playing or what music they’re listening to.

Kleek also brings in contacts from text messaging, email, and FaceTime, so users can communicate with contacts on those networks who aren’t on Facebook. Kleek does not store any personal data.

Kleek is available now for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and an Android app could be on the way in the future.