CMO Addresses The State Of Facebook Games

By Justin Lafferty 

While many people feel that the market for Facebook games has become saturated, one of the lead minds at doesn’t see it that way. In an interview with Edge magazine, Chief Marking Officer Alex Dale says the fan base for Facebook games is expanding — and that’s a good thing.

Granted, an interview with Zynga might have gone differently, but Dale sees a broadening of the market as a positive for the gaming industry. He pointed out that more women are playing Facebook games, bringing a whole new demographic into play.‘s Dale debunked stats that hint at a decline in Facebook gamership:

We don’t see an exodus of players from Facebook at all … What Facebook did is bring female players into the gaming world, and they started out with resource management games, and it broadened as the audience broadened into more casual games … We look at AppData the whole time, and a number of categories are performing less well than they did historically – resource management in particular. And in terms of the total DAU (daily average users) for games, it took a rise with the growth of the bubble shooter category, and has pretty much remained stable since then.

Just like Facebook in general, Dale notes that gaming companies today need to have a mobile strategy. People who play games on Facebook don’t just want to sit at their computer anymore. They want to play when they’re on the bus going home from work or when they’re away from home for a while.

Dale told Edge about where gamers are going:

You’ve now got a much broader audience playing games on Facebook and mobile who don’t have the lifestyle where you can either grind away at CastleVille or sit in front of the TV playing console games … It’s very much a mainstream activity, and the mainstream user does not have the time. They want to play casually on their PC at work, or on the bus going home on their mobile device. That’s the kind of background trend we’ve really benefited from, that’s behind the growth of our games on Facebook.

Readers: How often do you play Facebook games on your phone or tablet?

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