Kids’ Photos On Facebook: Yes Or No? (Guess Which Way Website STFU, Parents Votes)

By Julie D. Andrews 

Recently, writer Steven Leckart coined the term “oversharenting” to refer to the omnificent practice of Gen-C (as in connected adults ages 18 to 34, per Nielsen) parents who overpost photos of their young children in curious circumstances.

He wrote in The Wall Street Journal:

Although privacy settings allow us to control which circle of friends has access to parts of our profiles, many people either don’t understand how to use them or prefer not to.

One delightful discovery buried within the lines of Leckart’s essay was this gem of a website, STFU, Parents — as in, “Shut the F___ Up, Parents” — which gathers Facebook photos and updates and pokes fun at them. Topics there range from poop-posting etiquette to sections such a Woe Is Mom and Mommy Jacking.

You know what? It’s comic. At times, classic.

So if you’re a parent, posting your child’s compromising, challenged moments may not be your best bet.

As for the writer, a new father himself, when it came to his own personal choice regarding whether to post photos of his three-month-old son, the decision was clear-cut: There won’t be any “oversharenting.” In fact, there won’t be any sharing at all. The couple has decided to not post photos of their boy online, and they will also refrain from discussing him online publicly.

Readers: Do you think people should keep their kids’ precious moments to themselves, or do you giggle at the oversharing?

Image courtesy of STFU, Parents.