Kickstarter Moves Further Into Social Sphere With Mobile App

By Cameron Scott 

social media, social networks, mobile apps, crowd funding, kickstarter, apple, iosWith its release last week of a mobile app for iOS, the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter edged a bit further into the social arena.

The app facilitates browsing through projects, almost Pinterest-like, and makes the funding experience more social and less purely commercial.

“The best part of Kickstarter is all the amazing projects, and the app is a really fun way to find them,” the co-founders wrote on the company’s blog.

Mobile users are encouraged to browse through projects and can search for those near them, fostering at least a perceived social connection between project creators and funders.

When a user has already backed a project on Kickstarter, the app’s Activity tab serves as a news feed that pipes content from the project creator to the funder. Those who tap into the social features available on Kickstarter’s profiles will be notified when their friends back or launch projects.

The emphasis on social funding may be in part a response to criticisms that Kickstarter projects don’t always ship products when they say they will. It may also simply be a way to generate more traffic on the site, in hopes of inspiring impulse funding.

Users seem to like the app so far: It enjoys a four-star rating with 163 reviews.