KFC Shares Recipe for Hope, Social Media Success

By Devon Glenn 

KFC aims to make social content that’s as shareable as a bucket full of chicken. Now the fast food chain wants chicken eaters everywhere to “Pass the Bucket” for a good cause.

Through Nov. 18, KFC will donate $1 to the World Food Program (WFP) for each of the first 10,000 fans who share KFC’s Recipe for Hope image with their friends on Facebook.

In the five years that KFC has supported the Yum! Brands’ annual World Hunger Relief campaign to raise money for WFP, the company has contributed $7 million to the global school meals program, which can feed four children for just $1 a day.

“It’s a cause that our brand is really passionate about,” said Rick Maynard, senior manager of public relations and social media at KFC.

For the first time, the fundraising campaign will be based entirely in the social media space (although patrons are welcome to make donations inside the restaurant).

KFC has a presence on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, but this campaign will start on Facebook, where the brand has more than 5.4 million likes. “From our perspective, shareability of content is important,” Maynard told SocialTimes. “It’s about having a conversation with customers in a place that’s relevant to them.”

The KFC Facebook page is already filled with the likeness of Colonel Sanders. Though he died in 1980, his legacy lives online in the form of shareable eCards, old photographs, and the recently discovered Colonel Sanders’ autobiography and cookbook, in which he reveals everything but his secret blend of spices.

Today, he is the face of the campaign to end world hunger — not that he would mind. Wrote the Colonel in 1966, “There’s something inside of me that makes me want to help people, especially people who are having difficulty of some kind.”