Kenya Gets App

By David Cohen 

InternetOrgAppKenya650Add Kenya to the expanding list of countries where the application is available, joining Tanzania and Zambia, as vice president Chris Daniels announced at AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa, Tuesday that Airtel subscribers in Kenya will gain access to the app later this week.

Facebook announced in a Newsroom post that the will provide Airtel customers in the country with free access to:

AccuWeather chief digital officer Steven Smith said in an email to AllFacebook:

AccuWeather is committed to continuing our work with, expanding our support of this important initiative and making essential online weather forecasts and warnings more affordable and accessible to people in Kenya. Whether people are planning their days or guarding against the dangers of severe weather events, AccuWeather provides the power of accurate, timely, localized and personalized forecasts to improve and protect peoples’ lives.