Kaspersky Lab Helps Facebook Users Determine Whether Their Friends Are Actually Foes

By David Cohen 

KasperskyLabFriendOrFoe650Online security firm Kaspersky Lab released its Friend or Foe Facebook application, which is aimed at helping users assess the potential threat levels caused by interaction with friends on the social network.

Friend or Foe taps into Facebook data to alert users:

  • How many photos and videos they have published.
  • Where they have checked in.
  • Which friends repost and comment the most.
  • Which apps users are logged into and what permissions they have granted those apps.
  • Photos they are tagged in.

Kaspersky Lab also shared a blog post detailing the five worst security mistakes made by Facebook users, and what steps should be taken to correct those mistakes. They were:

  1. Publish your biography in full.
  2. Publish your posts publicly.
  3. Select an insecure password.
  4. Share your location.
  5. Friend non-friends.

Readers: How careful are you on Facebook and other social networks?